What is Schweppes all about?
Schweppes is a brand that helps quench your thirst since 1783. Schweppes is known for having such bright and impressive quality. Schweppervescence is known as a combination of effervescence and Schweppes, meaning full of bubbles or cheerful. The advertising agency, S.T.Garland Advertising Service Ltd., London coined the term in 1945. Each one of these 20 FL OZ. bottles has a choice of three satisfying flavors: Mango, Grape, and Lemon-Lime.  
Why this Design?
The design of the product label compliments the bottle. The swirl that goes along the top and bottom of the original Schweppes logo represents the curvature shape of the bottle. The colors of each bottle of course reflects on each respective fruit flavor. The background of the label is inspired by the bubbles of the bottle. I felt that this choice of design helped tie in not only the bubbly feeling of Schweppes, but also the natural shape of the bottle. 
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