What is AIMAGE?
AIMAGE is a brand that sells rental accessories for photographers. AIMAGE Photography Accessories want to help photographers have the highest of quality when it comes to their portfolio. The word AIMAGE has a strong meaning towards its products too. The words "Aim" and "Age" are referring to photos. When you take a picture with a camera, you have to aim at the area of focus for the picture. Age is referring to how a photo can age over time, giving off memories. The word could also be read as "A Image" meaning that AIMAGE wants to help you picture your future. 

Logo and Design

The AIMAGE text is the font, Tw Cen MT. A bold, sharp, sans serif.  The icon is a tinted sky blue shutter lens of a camera. The sky blue represents the reflection of the lens. The icon represents the main idea of photography before you see the final result of your photo. For example, AIMAGE sells USB and SD Cards to save progress on photographers' portfolio. That is another step that they have to get to before they can get to the completed photo. 

Style Sheet

Outside of The Box

- AIMAGE Bottom Design
- AIMAGE Booklet
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